Consultations can be either general in nature, or address specific topics such as health concerns, behaviour issues, family structure changes, rescue and adoption cases, emotional trauma, etc. Anna conveys your concerns and feelings in a loving way, as well as listening to your animal’s feelings and sharing in response to your questions.

Whether you require a specific or comprehensive consultation with your animal companion, you will be asked to supply a photograph as well as some other basic information. After the communication you are given detailed verbal or written feedback to help you understand their point of view. You may also be guided on how to resolve problems mutually and improve your relationship or environment to bring you to a deeper sense of awareness, love and respect for one another.


Anna is too busy with teaching to do consultations for the next several months. For finding another professional communicator, please search the internet or  email 


Animal Communication Workshops

Various facilitated workshops are offered to guide you to rediscover your inner knowledge, trust your intuition and receive messages from the natural world.


Explore the essentials on how to get in touch with animals telepathically. Discover the levels of communication possible. Learn how to experience animals' perspectives and how to expand your natural telepathic abilities. Enjoy simple and fun exercises that open your heart and increase your understanding of animals.


This practical, two-day course gives a good foundation in communicating with animals. Through proven techniques and exercises we focus on developing your natural telepathic abilities. You are given tools for refining and strengthening your skills. We communicate with real animals, including your own! With personal guidance, practice and individual coaching from Anna, you will leave the workshop with the ability to communicate meaningfully with animals, understand who they really are and enjoy a deeper connection with them.

Sessions are held in comfortable settings in or near major cities. Please visit the Events & Workshops page for current schedule.


These outdoor, nature-based workshops take place in wilderness areas or wildlife rehabilitation centres. Through awareness-expanding routines and telepathic commuication we explore all the kingdoms of nature and learn from the animals themselves. Discover tracking as an interpretive art and develop your intuition and senses in ways that you can apply in other aspects of your life. Travel into realms often unnoticed by humans and intensify your awareness of the intelligence, beauty and wisdom of all species. Participants leave with tools that will foster a richer appreciation of the natural world.

For more information see the Events page or email