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O World Project interviews Anna Breytenbach

The O World Project is a multimedia initiative encompassing the artistic, scientific, spiritual and social perspectives of human endeavour. An inspiring interview where Anna shares about our relationship with the natural world and insightful ways to deepen it.


Watch a powerful 13-minute clip from "The Animal Communicator" online HERE

The full documentary is available for purchase at They DO ship internationally, and it's available only as a Region 2 DVD. (Please note that Anna has no involvement with sales or distribution or royalties, so please don't ask us how to get it!) 
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Click HERE to read AnimalSpirit's latest communication with an article by Anna about death and dying, and how non-humans relate to these topics. There are also some additional resources.

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Animal Communicator Tells All: TV interview

Join Anna in studio as Afternoon Express interviews her earliler this year. Topics of discussion include the roots of interspecies communication and some practical applications.

A video interview with Anna Breytenbach

Bruce Muzik interviews Anna Breytenbach about Animal Communication. Watch this 16-minute video at

BayFM Radio interview about... sharks!

Anna is in the studios of Australian BayFM in Byron Bay speaking on the hot topic of human-shark relations.

Follow this link to listen to the interview:

Cape Times newspaper interview

Click on the document below to view a recent interview with Anna that appeared in The Cape Times (South Africa) ahead of the documentary premiere


An overview of how interspecies communication works and is applied in the wildlife context.

What Whales Want

~ by Anna Breytenbach


My thanks go out to all the people who’ve cared about, assisted, contemplated and appreciated whales in general. Also to those who’ve had the sensitivity to wonder what the whales want or need – taking a moment to pause automatic human-doing and instead wish to know the animals’ wishes.