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We are delighted that there is such huge desire for telepathic animal communication emerging in the world, and thank you for your interest. Each time we advertise a new event, the response is overwhelming. To be fair to people worldwide, we have an application process for workshops (when they are scheduled) and don't keep waiting lists.
There's a limit to the human teaching engagements that can be scheduled within a year, especially if there's to be any time left over for Anna to spend assisting animals themselves! From next year there will be distance learning material available. We ask for your patience whilst we create and birth these and other worthwhile projects this year. Thanks for your understanding. We encourage you to peruse our Resources page to find more avenues for furthering your interest in this topic. 

Advanced Animal Communication Safari: Botswana

27 September - 6 October: Okavango Delta, Botswana

This is a rare mentoring opportunity for those who really wish to take on intuitive living in a pristine wilderness environment. The Advanced workshop is for those wishing to deepen their telepathic communication skills, or considering becoming proefessional animal communicators. Our practice, processes and fun adventures will both challenge and inspire everyone taking part in this experience. During our mobile camping excursion, short workshop sessions are implemented in the field. Ethical, practical and issue-resolution considerations will be explored in detail, as well as the spiritual context in which intuitive communication occurs.

For full details, please read the itinerary below.  

Investment:  $5,800 / € 5,200

A strict prerequisite for registration is having attended an animal communication workshop course at least 6 months prior to this event.